Investment strategy and philosophy

Two world-renowned Danes – H.C. Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard – one a fairy tale writer, the other a philosopher – yes, their paths did cross, and they agreed on the invisible thread. Some call it the guiding thread, stretching through all our lives, anchored in our past and heading toward the future.

We take pride in our thread. We know where the thread originates, and it is our approach to investing. What is an investment if not a pursuit of following one’s thread and weaving it into something greater; something that outlives us and creates a lasting impact?

We are driven by both the mind and the heart, by both logic and passion. Therefore, we invest not only in the potential for economic growth but also in visions and in people focusing on responsible value creation.


To invest with purpose

Direct investments: In a changing world, we prioritize flexibility and partnership. Direct investments allow us to engage deeply with companies, enabling us to actively contribute to their growth and development. We believe that it is through collaboration that we achieve our goals and make a real difference in society.

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Global reach

Funds: As a family office, we are represented in a variety of Venture Capital and Private Equity funds, strategically distributed across multiple geographies and managed by experienced fund managers.

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Meaningful spaces

Real Estate: We focus on a wide range of property projects – from historic buildings to local eateries. Our commitment is to enhance projects and thereby positively impact the communities we naturally become a part of. It’s not just about properties but about creating meaningful spaces where life can unfold.


Investment in balance

The Capital Market: All investments are based on capital preservation. The majority of our investments are anchored in the capital market, where, following a balanced philosophy, we select stocks and bonds. This approach emphasizes a well-thought-out strategy to minimize risk through diversification.