One of Copenhagen’s oldest and most beautiful restaurants.

At the charming Gammel Strand, where fishmongers once presented the day’s fresh catch, Christian Krog(h) stood as a pioneer, creating a culinary masterpiece.

Alongside the Copenhagens most talented artists and architects, he managed to encapsulate the fine dining experience within an architectural gem.

These beautiful surroundings laid the foundation for a unique gathering place, where people could come together and share the love of food, culture, and companionship.

Throughout the decades, Krog’s Fish Restaurant has undergone a transformation that mirrors the evolution and diversity of Copenhagen.

From a popular haven for fish enthusiasts to a refuge for the noble and royal classes, each chapter in Krogs’ history is interwoven into the city’s DNA. The countless anecdotes and memories associated with Krogs enrich the place with a depth and soul that bear witness to a shared past.