- Anders Krarup Lorenz

A journey filled with baking has created a fascination for the croissant

Københavns Bageri – a part of the Ernest Eats group – is created with a foundation in old Danish bakery history, art, and traditions – to establish consumer trust rooted in an understanding of quality and craftsmanship.

Earnest Eats, founded by Anders Krarup Lorenz and Rasmus Sjødahl, formerly of Noma, focuses on developing diverse food brands. Their primary activity is refining foods with unique focal points.

A desire to become more skilled

With a constant pursuit of improvement, the concept must be in motion; it should never stagnate but continue to evolve and optimize over time.

Anders Krarup Lorenz

Founder & CEO

Rasmus Sjødahl

Founder & CEO


Københavns Bageri

Flaskehalsen 22,
1799 København V
Carlsberg Byen